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Indian council of food and agriculture (ICFA) is the apex organisation in India, working on policy research and agenda, agribusiness and trade facilitation, crop stewardships projects and as global platform for partnerships towards empowering farmers. ICFA aims to foster convergence and greater cooperation among different stakeholders and work towards bringing India aggressively into the loop of global trade and commerce.

AGROCERT is an inspection and certification division of ICFA towards promoting sustainable agriculture and safe food production through crop stewardship and certification. AGROCERT is approved by Quality council of India (QCI) for its INDIA Good Agriculture Practices (INDGAP) Certification Scheme in conformity with ISO/IEC 17065:2012. The fundamental objective of laying down the criteria is to strengthen Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in the country. ICFA provides third party certification to farmers, farm entrepreneurs and producer groups in the horticulture sector, who will be maintaining their field operations and activities in accordance with the Good Agriculture Practices certification scheme.

With a team of experienced professionals from the field of agriculture and QA sectors and global brand of ICFA, AGROCERT leads in providing certification service to individual or organisations, who are directly or indirectly working with farmers / FPOs. In addition, the organization also aims to improving the yield and quality of the farm produce, reduce the load of chemicals in crops and guarantee safe & quality products to the consumers through certification and minimizing threat to human health and environment as well as more remunerative returns to the farmers.


"To be the pioneer certification body in India with international standards and promote good practices in sustainable manner for maintaining quality and food safety of agricultural produce."


"Cultivating the habit of Good Agriculture Practices among farmers to promote environment friendly and sustainable agriculture in India and making certification process so simple and affordable that every farmer participates and benefits from this process. "

What is GAP
“As defined by FAO, are the collections of principles to apply for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food and non-food agriculture products, while taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability”.
Main Components of GAP
Soil Amendments and Manuring

Soil Amendments and Manuring

Planting Material


Water Management


Pesticides and their Use

Pesticides and their Use

Worker health Safety and Training

Worker health Safety and Training

Harvesting Practices and Field Sanitation

Harvesting Practices and Field Sanitation

Traceability and Record Keeping

Traceability and Record Keeping

India Good Agriculture Practices (INDGAP)

India Good Agricultural Practices (INDGAP) certification scheme has been developed by Quality Council of India (QCI) to strengthen Good Agriculture Practices in India. The scheme is aligned as per ISO17065, the international standard for products, process and services certification requirements. The scheme is developed in consideration to the domestic as well as the international market. The INDGAP provides a mechanism which gives direction to farms irrespective of size and resources to introduce quality in their production system to ensure food safety and hygiene thereby increasing acceptability of their produce by consumers and food processing industry.

The focus of INDGAP is to address not only the quality and quantity of the produce obtained from a unit area but also to focus on various aspects of food safety, pre-and post-harvest practices including workers health and safety, ensure sustained supply of produce of the desirable quality. While the scope of INDGAP covers all agriculture farm produce, it is structured in a manner to address the small and marginal farmers by developing certification criteria suiting their needs as Basic GAP to allow them a phased approach to international GAP while for the bigger farmers and large farms INDGAP certification criteria has been designed, which they can go for straight away adoption.

Agrocert Certification System
Certification System
It works on Critical Points and Compliance Criteria which is required to be followed by the individual producer or a producer group for certification purposes. The compliance criteria given are for the farm produce that is cultivated and harvested for direct human consumption or for further processing for human consumption by food industry.
  • INDGAP helps production of safe food at primary production level by eliminating chances of entrance of contaminants like pesticide residues, veterinary (antibiotic) drug residues, metallic residues, aflatoxin residues, microbiological contaminants.
  • It increases the awareness amongst the farmers on the importance of soil analysis, water testing, planning of crops, judicious use of agri inputs, crop management and harvesting.
  • It has measurable improvements in terms of increased productivity, quality of the produce and income levels.
  • Many processors, exporters, retailers and food service buyers increasingly demanding GAP certified material
Benefits of Certification
  • Enable farm produce to be internationally competitive, incorporating the concept of globally accepted GAP is imperative to innovative farmer practices.
  • Better price realization of the produce and provide a Competitive edge in domestic and overseas operation.
  • Secure and strengthen the livelihood of small and marginal farmers.
  • Ensuring safety and quality of produce in the food chain.
  • Improving natural resources use, workers health and working conditions.
  • Creating new market opportunities for farmers and exporters.
Our Certification Process
  • Application
  • Evalution of Application for acceptance
  • Cost Estimation and Payment
  • Signing of Agreement
  • Product and Site Evalution
  • Recommendation for Certificaton
  • Issue of License
  • Surveillance
  • Compliance


  • Quality Policy
  • INDGAP Certification Process
  • Complaints
  • Appeals
  • Termination, Reduction, Suspension or Withdrawl


  • Guidelines for Basic GAP Certification
  • Guidelines for Group Farm certification
  • Guidelines for INGAP Certification
  • Rules for use of Certification Mark

Application Set

  • Application
  • Agreement
  • Application Fees